The Secret to Perfect Wine Every Time...

Vinfrared the Original makers of VinTemp


About Us


Vinfrared, a USA based company since 2001, 

is dedicated to developing the best wine accessory solutions for wine connoisseurs globally. 

Our goal is to maintain a friendly, fair and creative work environment which respects diversity, new innovative ideas and hard work in our research and development to bring our exciting products to you. 

Vinfrared™, our trade mark for "Wine Temperature", is an intelligent product line that is designed to read the temperature of wine and champagne from outside the bottle 

without contaminating the 

liquid inside or popping the cork before its time. 

Vinfrared are the Original developers of "The VinTemp Product Line" and is 

considered a must have product by Sommeliers and Winemakers all over the world. 

Simply place Vinfrared directly against the center of the glass bottle, press the button and in one second the temperature will appear in the display window. Turn to the side panel for suggested serving temperature chart. Temperature can be changed from Fahrenheit or Celsius. 

The secret to great tasting wine and champagne is to serve it at optimal temperature, 

properly highlighting the varietal’s unique bouquet and flavor profile. 

Vinfrared will educate and stimulate your audience. 

From wine schools, wine events, wineries, tasting rooms, 

restaurants, wine servers and many more. 

All products can be co-branded, this makes Vinfrared a well sought gift. 

Vinfrared is a wine educational tool that will be used and 

talked about long after your event is over. 

The secret to “Perfect wine every time” 

Afterall…Taste is everything! 

Our goal is to provide our customers with a personalized 

specialist whom will assist you with 

* A variety of products to choose from 

* Quality design and packaging options 

* Price options to meet your budget 

* Personalized artist designer 


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